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Uncover the secrets of the Persian Empire →

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Do you want to make a trip to Iran and plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the ancient Persian Empire? Our company is ready to organize for you a vacation at the highest level! By choosing one of our tour packages to Iran you will start the fascinating journey around the country that amazes with its ancient eastern culture, impressing architecture, varied and unusual cuisine and, of course, hospitality of locals. On our site, you will find exciting themed tours to Iran, which include trips to the most famous cities, excursions to UNESCO objects, acquaintance with the ancient traditions of carpet production and visiting the colorful local bazaars with their bustle and lively atmosphere. With the help of our professional guides you will deeply feel the culture of the country and learn its history. All the detailed information concerning holiday in Iran can be found on our website. “Iranian Holiday” offers the best service and fair prices at the market!

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Historical & Cultural Tour to Iran

12 days/ 11 nights
  • Explore the history and culture of the ancient Persia
  • Visit the outstanding architectural masterpieces in Isfahan
  • Explore the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire - Persepolis
  • Bargain at the colorful local bazaars
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Summer Tour to Iran

7 days/ 6 nights
  • Explore the most attracting cities of Iran
  • Visit the outstanding architectural masterpieces in Isfahan
  • Enjoy traditional Iranian cuisine
  • Stroll around the amazing gardens of Shiraz
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Tour to Dasht-e Kavir Desert

7 days/ 6 nights
  • Make a trip to one of the most famous Iranian deserts, Dasht-e Kavir
  • Explore an amazing oasis town located in the center of the desert
  • Enjoy camel driving in the desert
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Spring Tour to Iran

7 days/ 6 nights
  • Visit Ramsar town located at the shores of the Caspian Sea
  • Have an unforgettable journey by the cable car and enjoy amazing views
  • Explore the national museums of Tehran and learn its unique history
  • Enjoy the exotic flavor of the national dishes
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Tour to Dasht-e Loot Desert

6 days/ 5 nights
  • Make a trip to Dasht-e Loot - the world's 25-th largest desert.
  • Have two-hour hike to the star-shaped sand dunes
  • Enjoy sand skiing and boarding in the dunes
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Tour to Armenia and Iran

11 days/ 10 nights
  • Plunge into the ancient history of Armenia and Iran
  • Visit the first Christian church in the world
  • Amaze the architecture of the ancient Persian palaces
  • Burgain at the world's largest roofed bazaar in the world in Tebriz
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In the Footsteps of Empire


Iran is difficult to be compared with any other country in the world – it has its special unique colors and aroma. Iran is a country of sandy deserts and lush forests, delightful architectural ornaments, high-quality Persian carpets and delicious oriental pastries. Iran is a country full of mysteries, where every day is preparing unusual surprises to its guests. Holiday in Iran is completely new experience different to anything you might have tried in your life. You will enjoy the bright lights of Tehran, ruins of Persepolis, gardens of Shiraz, golden sands of Shahdad and much more. Got interested? Choose any tour to Iran you like on our web site and send your request and our experts will start the preparation of your unforgettable journey.