TehranTehran, the capital of Iran, is one of the largest megacities in Asia. The population of the capital, according to the latest information, is more than 14 million. The city has the unique rhythm of life day and night all the year round, but the best time for visiting Tehran is April.

The city is located at an altitude of 1210 m above sea level, on the slope of the Tochal mountain range. The city is divided into the northern and southern parts. The northern part is more modern with chic restaurants and boutiques. The southern part of the city is more simple, in the center, there are cheap hostels. Popular and comfortable hotels are located at the foot of the mountain.

The city is known for its numerous museums that store the priceless treasures of ancient civilization. Besides museums, it is worth to visit several ancient mosques (the Imam Khomeini mosque, the Royal Mosque, Shah-Abul-Azim mosque, Sheikh-Abdul-Hussein and others). The mosques in Tehran attract with luxurious architecture.

City parks have their very special place in Tehran. The most beautiful parks like Dar-Abad Park, Firdausi Park on the mountainside, Lale Park, Mellat Park and others are located in the northern part of the city. Parks represent not only a green zone in a huge megapolis but also entertainment centers with cinemas and cafes.

Tehran’s city bazaar is considered one of the largest eastern bazaars not only in Iran but all over the world. It is a small town in the city with its unique infrastructure. In the city bazaar, you can find absolutely everything including unique carpets and handmade souvenirs.

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