arak iranArak is the administrative center of Merkezi province, Central Iran. In the place of Arak, the city of Daskarakh was once located. The city was destroyed by the Mongols. Modern Arak was founded in 1795 on the site of military settlements. Arak was a fortress that began to develop attracting merchants.

Despite the fact that the city is relatively young, there is a large number of historical monuments. The main attraction of the city is the historical bazaar of Arak. The bazaar occupies 14 hectares and is a huge complex including residential buildings, a mosque, a caravanserai, a bathhouse and a reservoir. There is also a museum of handicraft industry of the Central province in the market of Arak. The museum is located in the famous historical house “Hasan-pur”. The historical bazaar is included in the list of national objects of the country.

Another attraction of Arak is Madrasah Sepahdar, which became the first religious center in the province. The architecture of the madrasha building resembles the buildings of the Safavid era. The complex includes a mosque, a residential building, a reservoir and other outbuildings.

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