sheykh safiArdebil Province with the administrative center of Ardebil is located in the north of the country and borders with Azerbaijan. The main population of the town and the province is Azerbaijanis. After the noisy Teheran and other big cities, here you will find yourself in a calm province, where historical sights are seen in a different light.

The Balygly-chay river flows through the town. The banks of the river are connected by five ancient bridges. After the smart bridges of Isfahan, the bridges of Ardebil seem unremarkable, but the modest view of the old bridges perfectly matches with the small town.

The main attraction of Ardebil is the mausoleum of Sheikh Sefi ad-Din of XVI-XVII centuries, which was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage (check out other historical monuments of Iran included in the list of UNESCO heritage). Sheikh Sefi ad-Din was the founder of the Safavid dynasty and the Safaviye Order. The dynasty founded a theocratic country with the capital of Ardebil.

Juma mosque is considered one of the most ancient sights of the city. The mosque is located on a hill and has several buildings including a chapel with long corridors and a large hall, a veranda and a minaret with brick patterns.

It is worth to visit the town’s bath Ibrahimabad, which serves as a restaurant of traditional Iranian cuisine. Mosaics on the walls and a fountain in the center of the hall attract attention.

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