isfahan-city-iran-travel2Isfahan is located in Zayanderud River valley and is the third largest city in Iran. It is the administrative center of Isfahan province. The climate here is mild, with recorded maximum temperature of +42 C °, and minimal of -19 ° C. The city’s population is more than half a million people. Isfahan is famous for its production of carpets, textiles, steel and a variety of items of hand crafts, it is home to heavy industry, including steel factories and a much-discussed nuclear facility. The city is also of great interest from a tourist point of view.

As the ancient capital of the Safavid state, Isfahan has an interesting history and keeps many ancient traditions. The magnificent architecture of Isfahan will undoubtedly impress its guests. Not coincidentally, a poet of the XVI-th century called the city “the half of the world”.

Among the sights, the most popular is Imam Square built in the XVI-th century. It impresses with its grandiose dimensions – 560 meters length and 165 meters width. It is the second largest square in the world included into UNESCO world heritage list.

Due to the outstanding architecture, the mosques of the city are of great interest as well.

Traveling around Isfahan, you will notice a large number of bridges extending over Zayande River. One of the most beautiful is a bridge Sio-Se-Pol.

In short, Isfahan is a city of landmarks. Wherever you go, you’re sure to come across the spectacular views and interesting sights. So, we can safely say that Isfahan is in the list of number-one tourist destinations of Iran.

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