KarajKaraj town is located in the northern part of Iran, at the foothills of Mount Elbrus and is the administrative center of Albroz Province. Karaj is a major industrial center and an important transportation joint linking Tehran to the Caspian Sea. The town impresses with its classical oriental atmosphere and has a number of interesting attractions.

The climate is dry with sunny hot summers and relatively cold winters. You can visit the town at any time of the year, and the mountains of Elbrus always welcome guests in winter and summer.

Among the famous sights of the town, we should highlight the Pearl Palace the construction of which was commissioned by the sister of the last Shah of Iran in 1966. Also noteworthy is Soliman palace, where is now located the Institute of Agriculture.

The main natural attraction is one of the peaks of Mount Elbrus, Damavand. This extinct start Vulcan is the highest point in the country (5610 m).

Karaj is also located near the famous ski resorts of Dizin, Shemshak and Toshal.


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