KashanIn 200 km from Tehran, there is another historical city of Iran. The ancient city of Kashan in the province of Isfahan was inhabited before our era and considered the center of civilization. Kashan may be called one of the most beautiful cities in Iran with a rich history and unique sights.

Shahs of Safavid dynasty used to spend a vacation in Kashan turning a small town into a real paradise. The most beautiful garden in all Persia, Bage-Fin, is located in Kashan. Many historical buildings, unfortunately, were destroyed during the Kashanearthquake in 1778.

As soon as you arrive in Kashan, go to the Old Bazaar with a caravan-saray and hammam Sultan Mir Ahmad. At the local bazaar, you can find numerous counters with rose water, which is produced near the city. Pay special attention to handmade carpets known throughout the world. On the main square there is the Mir Amad mosque with a traditional courtyard.

Kashan is unique with its amazing architecture. At every step, you can see the chic historical houses that used to belong to rich merchants of the province. It is worth seeing the masterpieces of Iranian architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries – the Tabatabei mansion, the XVIII-century Ameriha-house, the Abbas house and the Boroujerdi mansion.

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