KishThe port town Kish is located in the southern part of Iran on the northern coast of the delightful Kish Island, which is the main beach resort of the country and the well-known holiday destination in the Persian Gulf. There have been built many entertainment and shopping complexes, as well as a large selection of both luxury and budget hotels. To attract foreigners Kish Island is located in the free economic zone.

The nature of this area impresses with its beauty. Among plants, the most common are coconut palms and lush hornbeam branched crown. The marine fauna is also rich and varied, replete with ornamental fishes and corals.

Among the interesting attractions located close to the town, we can note the old Greek ship, stranded half a century ago.

The only thing that should be taken into account by those who want to spend their vacation on the beaches near the city of Kish, is that they are separate for men and women. Women can swim and sunbathe only on a special beach, the entrance fee of which is $ 1. A men’s beach is located near the hotel “Dariusz”.

There are everyday flights from Tehran to Kish Island and week flights from Shiraz.

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