The Legend of Kave

The Legend of Kave and the First Flag of Iran

In Iranian mythology, Kave was a blacksmith that led an uprising against the ruthless foreign ruler Zahak, who had seized the throne. The history of Kave the Blacksmith was described in the holy “Avesta” and later retold in “Shahname” by Firdowsi poet. In...
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The Myth of Iskandar

In mythology Iskandar (Alexander in Farsi) personifies commander Alexander the Great. In Iranian mythology, he is described as a daring conqueror who came to the lands of Iran. In those days, Dar (the son of Darius Kodoman) ruled, who was killed and his country of Eranshahr was...
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The Myth of Bahram Gor

Bahram Gor of the Sassanid dynasty was a shahinhash in Iran and ruled from 420 to 438. There are so many popular legends about the king of the kings and his deeds. In legends, he was described as a strong ruler and a lover. He had thousands of hetaeras and wives in harems. Bahram...
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Legend of the Simurgh

In the ancient Iranian myths, the Simurgh is a prophetic bird that nests on the Tree of Knowledge. The bird has huge wings, paws of a dog and fish scales. It dominates both in the sky, on land and in water. The legend of the Simurgh tells that a bird, flying over the mountains,...
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the legend of arash the archer

Myth about Arash the Archer and Tiregan Festival

In ancient Iranian mythology, Arash was a mighty archer. He lived in those days when the army of the Iranian king Manuchehr were defeated in Mazenderan by the king Turan Afrasiab. The Iranian king wanted to protect the country from the Turanians and made an agreement with...
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