NishapurThe city of Nishapur is located in the province of Khorasan-Revazi, in the north-eastern part of Iran, 670 km from Tehran. The approximate date of its foundation is III century. The founder of the city was Shahinshah Shapur I. The name of Nishapur is translated as “good Shapur”. In the V century, Nishapur was the center of Zoroastrianism. Near the city, in the mountains, there was a sacred fire. After the adoption of Islam, the city began to develop rapidly until 1221, then Nishapur was completely destroyed by the Mongols.

The city is popular not only in Iran but in the whole world as the birthplace of one of the great poet, Omar Khayyam. As soon as you visit the city, see the beauty of the surrounding nature and feel the spirit you will clearly understand where the poet got his inspiration. In 1963, the mausoleum of the poet, philosopher, and mathematician Omar Khayyam was built. The mausoleum was built in the form of an observatory with 12 tall columns. The walls are decorated with ornaments and poems of the poet.

Another attraction of the city is a wooden mosque built in 1989. The architects built a mosque that could stand during a strong earthquake. For the construction, only wood had been used.

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