Duration: 12 days/ 11 nights
Location: Iran
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Historical & Cultural Tour to Iran

By choosing our Historical & Cultural Tour to Iran, you will make a fascinating journey to the most important historical places of the country. You will visit  such cities as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd, Kashan, explore the museums, stroll along the Persian gardens and can bargain at the colorful local bazaars. In just 12 days, you will be able to plunge in the history and culture of Iran and get acquainted with the amazing ancient facts!

Highlights of Historical & Cultural Tour to Iran

  • Explore the history and culture of the ancient Persia
  • Visit the outstanding architectural masterpieces in Isfahan
  • Explore the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire - Persepolis
  • Bargain at the colorful local bazaars

Day 1 

  • Arrival in Tehran, transfer to the hotel


Day 2

  • Visit to the Archaeological Museum which keeps the finds of ancient Persia
  • The tour will continue to the Museum of Glassware and ceramics where chronologically set galleries will acquaint you with the Iranian history through glass and ceramics works
  • Next you will have an excursion around Carpet Museum which will acquaint you with the variety of Persian Carpets
  • Drive to Isfahan


Overnight: hotel in Isfahan 

Day 3

  • City tour around Isfahan
  • The tour starts with the visit to Vank Church – one of the most beautiful Armenian churches in the world, which will undoubtedly capture the attention of every Christian
  • Visit to Sio-Se-Pol bridge, one of the longest on Zayandeh River
  • Next stop – Khaju bridges, the finest one in the province. It was built by Shah Abbas I.
  • The tour continues to Chehel Sotoun – an outstanding architectural masterpiece of the XVII-the cent. Once it was used by Iranian shahs for entertainment and receptions of dignitaries and ambassador.
  • Visit to Friday Mosque – the main mosque in the town.
  • Visit to one of the most famous bazaars in Iran, where you can purchase the arts & crafts for which Isfahan is so well renowned


Overnight: hotel in Isfahan  

Day 4

  • The tour starts with the visit to Hasht-Behesht Palace
  • The next stop will be at the grand forty-eight metres high Ali Qapu Palace in the XVII-the cent. by Shah Abbas I.
  • Visit ti Sheikh Lotfollah – an example of outstanding architecture
  • The tour continues to the largest mosque of Isfahan, Imam Mosque.
  • The tour will end with a visit to Imam square (Naqsh-e-Jahan belonging to the XVI-th century. It is the second largest square in the world included into the UNESCO world heritage list.


Overnight: hotel in Isfahan  

Day 5

  • Drive to Shiraz.
  • Full day city tour of Shiraz
  • Stroll around Eram Garden – one of the most famous and beautiful Persian gardens in all of Iran.
  • Visit to Narenjestan Palace and Gardens
  • Nasir-ol-Milk Mosque
  • The tour continues to the tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi. Hafez is one of the great poets who impressed everyone with his mastery. Sa’adi is a poet, philosopher, and mystic known as the father of tourism. He traveled to different countries and cities and then collected all his experiences in verse and rhyme prose.
  • Visit to Shah Cheragh Shrine – one of the most beautiful shrines in Iran with its beautiful dome, wonderful lighting, and mirror-work


Overnight: hotel in Isfahan 

Day 6

  • Excursion to Persepolis – the ancient Persian city founded in the VI-V century BC. e., the capital of the vast empire of the Achaemenids.
  • The tour continues to Naghsh-e-Rostam archeological zone, located 6 kilometers north of Persepolis in Iran.
  • Visit to Pasargadae – the ancient Persian city, the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire.


Overnight: hotel in Yazd

Day 7

  • City tour around Yazd town known for its unique Persian architecture
  • Visit to Towers of Silence
  • Fire Temple Friday Mosque
  • Stroll around the old part of the town
  • Pleasant stroll around Dowlat-Abad Garden. The garden is a home for the palace with the highest scoop (windcatcher) in Iran (height 34 m). The palace interior is decorated with exquisite stained-glass windows and mosaics.
  • The day will end with a visit to local bazaar


Overnight: hotel in Yazd

 Day 8

  • Drive to Kashan town
  • Visit to Tabatabaie house – the historic house of 1880’s belonging to the rich Tabatabaie family.
  • Stroll around historical Persian Fin Garden
  • Abbasian house and Agha bozorg Mosque


Overnight: hotel in Kashan

 Day 9

  • In the morning you will visit the ancient Bazar Kashan built in Seljuk era. It is probably the most spectacular bazar of Iran due to its impressive architecture.
  • Excursion to the underground city of Nushabad – one of the most remarkable underground cities in the world and the masterpiece of the ancient architecture
  • Drive to Tehran


Overnight: hotel in Kashan

 Day 10

  • Excursion to Sadabad Palace. Comprising 18 palaces, this complex is located in a very beautiful garden covering an area of 410 hectares.
  • Visit to the Nature bridge of Tehran, which is considered the third symbol of the capital
  • The day ends with the tour to the museum of Reza Abbasi – the most famous miniaturist of Safavid dynasty period. The museum opened in 1977, exhibits artifacts dating back to prehistoric, historic, and Eslamic periods. It is particularly rich in calligraphy.


Overnight: hotel in Tehran

 Day 11

  • Next you will explore the Niavaran Palace which was formerly used as the private summer residence of the Qajar kings. Nowdays it is a museum after the dethronement of the Shah.
  • Darband
  • Visit to Tehran Grand Bazar – the historical place and the world’s largest covered market. It consists of over 10 kilometers of labyrinthine covered alleys. Here the visitors can choose among different kind of products, jewelries, and carpets.


Overnight: hotel in Tehran

Day 12

  • Transfer to the airport, departure