Duration: 6 days/ 5 nights
Location: Iran
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Tour to Dasht-e Loot Desert


Dasht-e Loot Desert is one of the two largest deserts of Iran and the world’s 25th largest desert. Exactly in this desert was recorded the world’s highest temperature of 70,7°C. Our 6-day Tour to Kavir-e-Loot was created for real lovers of adventures! You will have unforgettable safari rides in star-shaped dunes as well as sand skiing and boarding. Moreover, our tour includes visits to such amazing towns as Kashan and Yazd, known for their history and architectural monuments.


Day 1 
  • Arrival at the airport
  • Drive to Kashan
  • Visit to Tabatabaie house – the historic house of 1880’s belonging to the rich Tabatabaie family.
  • Stroll around historical Persian Fin Garden

  • Drive to Yazd town known for its unique Persian architecture
  • City tour around Yazd
  • Drive to Kavir-e-Loot - the world's 25th largest desert. In 2016 it was included into the list of UNESCO Heritage.

Day 3
  • Safari in Loot desert roads
  • Sightseeing tour in Nai Band town
  • Accommodation in a guest house

Day 4
  • Visit to the Zaban-e Mar canyon
  • Drive to the desert

Day 5
  • Two-hour hike to the star-shaped sand dunes
  • Safari rides on the star-shaped sand dunes
  • Lunch in the desert
  • Safari and sand skiing and boarding in the dunes

Day 6
  • Transfer to Tehran, departure