PersepolisPersepolis is a living proof of the greatness, unique architecture and culture of the ancient civilization. Despite the fact that the city is in ruins, the greatness of the ancient civilization still amazes, and, without doubt, the city will retain its value as a historical attraction for future generations.

Persepolis was founded in 560 BC by King Darius I. The king wished to build a great city-temple where shahs could gather to celebrate the New Year. Each building of the city was connected with a certain ritual of celebration.

Persepolis iranThe city was built with great scope, the main buildings were built on a huge slab with an area of 140,000 square meters. The construction took more than 60 years, the most amazing thing is that not a single slave was used for construction works and only builders took part in the construction of the city. Persepolis was surrounded by walls of 10 meters height. A staircase led to the entrance, 100 steps of the staircase were carved from a huge solid stone.

In 330 BC the city was captured by Alexander the Great and burnt. The city-temple stopped existing and was never restored.

One of the most majestic structures of Persepolis is the “Gate of All Nations” temple, the entrance was guarded by huge statues with bovine heads. The main building of Persepolis wass Apadan, the palace of Darius. Only huge columns of 20 meters height has remained for the luxurious palace.


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