shirazShiraz has so many names: it was called the city of love, the house of knowledge, the city of gardens, however, words can not describe the beauty of the historic city. Shiraz gave the world two great eastern poets Saadi and Hafiz. Tombs of poets became a place for pilgrimage in Shiraz.

Shiraz is located 900 km south of Tehran, in the province of Fars. It was first mentioned in 2000 BC. In the XIII century, for a short time Shiraz was the capital of Persia, and before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 was considered the center of winemaking.

The city itself is considered a tourist attraction. Your travel around Iran will be incomplete without visiting the gardens of Shiraz. Walking through the ancient city you will see the fortress of Karim Khan in the very center. This is a classical brick fortress with high walls and towers, but the fortress is not so strong and never carried a defensive role.

One of the main attractions of Shiraz is the mausoleum of Sand Mir Ahmad who was the brother of Imam Reza. The mausoleum is considered a popular place of pilgrimage.

Vakil bazaar is a historical landmark and an important part of the city’s history. The bazaar is located in the historical center and represents an infrastructure, like any other traditional bazaar in Iran (Vakil bazaar is included in the top 5 best bazaars of Iran).

Shiraz Gardens are unique attractions not only in the history of Iran but also in world history. Moreover, several gardens are included in the UNESCO heritage list. In Shiraz, you should definitely visit the Eram garden with a palace and a traditional swimming pool.


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