What did you like best in your trip?
Difficult to say really. Persepolis (Parse) was spectacular, Esphahan obviously, the mountains in Georgia, but the Treasury in Tehran, the trip to the mountains, the poetry in Shiraz and the road from Shiraz to Esphahan, the mountains in Tehran, the food both in Iran and Georgia. Everything was great!

What didn’t you like in the trip?
I would have liked to have seen more, but that was not reasonably possible, so I can’t honestly say there is anything I didn’t like.

What would you add to your trip?
I believe we saw all we reasonably could in the time we had, so the only thing we could add was time. We were on 10 jour days or more so it was pretty intense. I suppose it’s not everybody’s idea of a holiday, but I was very happy.

Your feedback about your guide: All three guides were very proficient in their knowledge of their country (history, geography, customs, current affairs, anecdotes), as well as being well organised and sympathetic. I rarely give full marks, but will here. I would also add that thanks to their knowledge, we were able to adapt the program according to practicalities (i.e. using the metro in Tehran, stoppiing at Persepolis on the way to Esphahan or adapting to the weather in Georgia). Full marks, very happy with all three of them!

Your feedback about your driver: My three guides were also my drivers and all were very good drivers operating in sometimes chaotic conditions over long distances. There were never any mechanical problems or dangerous situations, although we saw plenty of accidents along the way!

Your feedback about the car: All cars were in excellent condition, clean, in good repair and with all amenties (such as air conditioning). I would mention that they were adapted for the journey.

Your feedback about hotels: Great choice of hotels. All were in good locations in the centre of the towns, clean, with good breakfasts and sympathetic staff. I would probably book that type of hotel myself.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Yes, definitely. Already have as a matter of fact.

Feedback_Rory Cooper 02.10.18