yazdOne of the oldest cities in Iran, Yazd, attracts not only with its history but also with unique architecture. The city is located in the desert, 500 km from Tehran and 400 km to the northeast from Shiraz. Yazd is considered the oldest center of Zoroastrianism (fire worship). Moreover, the name of the city is translated as “Divine”. The city was first mentioned in the III millennium BC.

Yazd is a labyrinth of clay houses. Its historical part was included in the UNESCO heritage list, as the second oldest inhabited town in the world. Towers called bad-girs are the main architectural attractions of Yazd. The circular domes of the towers once had a unique water collection system. By the way, there is a water museum in Yazd with an exposition of a system of tunnels for city’s water supply. The most remarkable towers are the tower Dowlat (33 m), Dahme for burial rites, Atashkade (Tower of Fire) with an ever-burning fire of Zoroastrianism. All houses and buildings adjoin each other, so you can safely walk on the roofs of houses.

The city is popular with its bazaars. Yazd has about 12 bazaars. Here you can find the best silk and cashmere, Persian carpets with characteristic patterns and other textiles.

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